In this episode of Grounded Truth, we delve into the world of database DevOps. This concept aims to bring the same principles and practices used in application development to the realm of databases. Our guest, Kendra Little, with a diverse background encompassing sysadmin, analyst, product manager, developer advocate, and founder, shares her insights on this topic. Joining us as well is Shayan Mohanty,  co-founder and CEO of Watchful.

Database DevOps involves treating databases as we treat applications by focusing on version control, automating deployments, tracking changes, and integrating database workflows with software development practices. The goal is to streamline and optimize the management of databases, bringing efficiency and consistency to the process.

Furthermore, we explore the potential impact of large language models, such as foundation models, on database DevOps workflows. This intriguing intersection prompts discussions on potential applications and opportunities for leveraging these models in the database domain.