Join host, John Singleton, on another captivating episode of "Grounded Truth," where we dive into the world of Generative AI and the complexities of placing it into production. Our special guests for this episode are Manasi Vartak, Founder and CEO of Verta, and Shayan Mohanty, Co-founder and CEO of Watchful.


🌐 Verta: Empowering Gen AI Application Development

• Learn about Verta's end-to-end automation platform for Gen AI application development.

• Explore how Verta's expertise in model management and serving has evolved to address the challenges of scaling and managing Gen AI models.

• Visit for more insights.


🚀 Evolution in the AI Landscape

• Discover the tectonic shift in the AI landscape over the past year, marked by the release of Chat GPT and the rise of Gen AI.

• Manasi shares insights into how Gen AI has democratized AI, making it a focal point in boardrooms and team discussions.


🤔 Challenges in Gen AI Application Production

• Uncover the challenges and changes in workflow when transitioning from classical ML model development to Gen AI application production.

• Manasi provides valuable insights into the business hunger for AI and the increasing demand for data science resources.


🌟 What's Changed Since Chat GPT's Release?

• Reflect on the transformative impact of Chat GPT and how it has influenced the priorities of data science leaders and organizations.


🔮 Predictions for the AI Industry in 2024

• Listen as Manasi and Shayan share their predictions on the future of the AI industry in 2024. Gain valuable insights into the trends and advancements that will shape the landscape.