Accelerate AI for NLP and LLMs

Infuse domain expertise into your specifically designed ML models to build and deploy better AI faster with Watchful. Rapidly explore datasets, label them programmatically, enrich datasets with knowledge from Large Language Models (LLMs), and even fine-tune foundation models.

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How watchful works

Build better, more reliable AI with Watchful’s data-centric prompt ensembling approach

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Give any user within your organization the ability to use Watchful on their local machine or in a remote environment

Connecting to the Watchful Hub enables organization-wide collaboration, or work can remain on a local machine.

Connect Watchful Hub to any cloud object storage infrastructure to import and export data as well as create a communication layer for your MLOps pipelines.

Automate your machine learning iteration to keep your models up-to-date.

Watchful’s easy-to-use solution gives you the needed control to infuse domain expertise and quickly create better datasets.


Explore your data with Watchful's robust querying language; review results fast and in real-time.

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Quickly define noisy hinters that capture your domain knowledge. Use LLM prompts, other model inferences, complex functions, or even simple keywords, and let Watchful learn to separate noise from signal.

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Use Watchful to quickly identify new heuristics that could be created or the most impactful data to fine-tune your own foundation models like GPT-4 or Dolly.

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Watchful will show you interactive results in real-time so you can iterate quickly and confidently.

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NLP and LLMs require specialized domain knowledge to accelerate AI.

Watchful for Any User

Data Scientists, Machine Learning Professionals, Data Analyst, Domain Experts, DataOps, Software Engineers, Researchers and more.

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Watchful for Any Industry

Use Watchful for manufacturing, retail, finance, life sciences, legal, sales, telecommunications, IT and more.

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“Watchful is the cost of a low-level analyst; eliminates or substantially reduces the need and resources for hand-labeling, QA, model development and maintenance, and ML ops; and we couldn’t afford nor access Watchful’s level of expertise otherwise.”

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Mike France
Founder at proper

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