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Fast. Automated. Scalable. Training Data.

Rapidly create massive training data sets without slow, tedious, and expensive hand-labeling or 3rd party services

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How it Works



Give context to your data using Watchful's powerful and scalable labeling functions. Domain experts and data scientists can quickly and easily create large, labeled training sets without the need for hand-labeling through set-and-forget labeling functions.

Iterate Quickly

Don't let painful and slow hand-labeling slow down your workflow. Watchful lets you create high-quality, large labeled training sets in minutes or hours. Focus on data science, not data labeling.

Iterate Quickly
Built for Scale

Built for Scale

Built for multi-tenant, organization-wide tagging. Understand and take control of your data, wherever and whatever it is to unleash its value.

Supercharge Your Data Science

High-quality labels without high-cost. Watchful's ML-driven label functions rapidly accelerate your team's ability to train and iterate on machine learning models by eliminating the dependence on hand-labeling.

Automated Labeling
Flexible Deployment

Watchful lives where you do. Watchful can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud, in hybrid, and even air-gapped networks to handle labeling sensitive data in the most sensitive of environments.

Rapidly generate massive amounts of training data, from as much of your raw data as you want. Don't be constrained by the time and cost of hand-labeling. Quickly bootstrap ML projects where training data doesn't exist or has been too cost-prohibitive to acquire.

More Data, Faster

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