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The AI Accelerator for NLP and Large Language Models (LLMs)

Infuse domain expertise and control the training process of your models with the world's fastest automated data-centric workflow. Watchful makes it easy to develop and fine-tune AI systems by focusing on the most critical part: The Data.

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Data-centric companies infuse their domain knowledge into their NLP, LLMs and foundational ML models using Watchful, accelerating AI development at a speed and scale that would be impossible with legacy model training solutions.

“Watchful makes it easy to have full control and confidence over labeling large datasets in a new, systematic way.”

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James Gallmeister

Watchful’s Data-Centric Approach:
From LLMs to Any Text-Based Dataset

Prompt Engineering and Fine Tuning Foundation Models

• Create robust LLM-enabled systems without the headaches of building one large and brittle prompt by "braiding" together multiple prompts within Watchful

• Combine the outputs of multiple prompts and other sources of information (e.g., dictionaries, keywords, other models)

• Let Watchful guide you to the optimal point of deciding between prompting and fine-tuning

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Not using LLMs? No problem.

• Watchful makes it easy for anyone to annotate and enrich datasets

• Rapidly slice-and-dice your data with real-time results and feedback

• AI-assisted development helps you automatically improve the quality of your data, guiding you to identify and correct errors

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Built for LLMs from the Ground Up

Place your “Experts-in-the-Loop” from the start of your dataset development.

Search by characteristics of the data, either inherent or latent/semantic.

Let Watchful recommend your next actions to automatically improve your labels by introducing new weak signals, or focusing your attention on particularly important parts of the data.

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Control the Training Process, Your Way

Self-hosted docker images makes it easy to run Watchful wherever you need to.

Integrate with your existing MLOps system or workflows.

Automate and scale pipelines using Watchful’s SDK.

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From Interactive Workflows to Expected Outputs

Let Watchful guide you through your dataset with ML-assisted feedback and error analysis.

Get feedback in real-time to drive insights and capture impactful features and domain knowledge.

Quickly iterate to improve your data quality through interactive visualizations and real-time feedback.

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Watchful Query Data Image
Watchful Query Data Image

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