Stop Labeling. Start Teaching

Eliminate the labeling bottleneck in your machine learning workflow and deploy better models, faster.

Watchful automates the process of data labeling in your machine learning workflow and accelerates your ability to build, deploy and maintain machine learning applications in production.
Turn calories into compute with a revolutionary new programmatic labeling interface and metrics-driven workflow that makes training data development easy, repeatable, and scalable. 
Programmatic Labeling Interface
Fast Timing

Immediate Results

Get labels in minutes or hours instead of days, weeks or even months with hand labeling

Rapid Exploration

Rapid Exploration

Fast, iterative workflow  for immediate analysis and intuition building for any size data set

Human In the Loop

Human In The Loop

Drastically increase both the efficiency of labeling and quality of labels by putting the human in the driver's seat

Woman Using Platform
Dramatically accelerate your ability to build, develop, and maintain machine learning applications in both production and research environments. Watchful provides a flexible platform to build transformative applications for your organization.
A new approach to AI application development that makes the process of distilling, scaling, and injecting subject matter expertise easy and repeatable. We aim to accelerate innovation and empower millions of new uses for machine learning by focusing on the human in the loop.
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Learn how Watchful opens the door to your most valuable AI use cases