Announcing Watchful Community Edition 💥

Feb 28, 2023


Watchful has been transforming the ability to deliver and scale the most impactful machine learning models for some of the world’s largest companies through our innovative Watchful labeling platform. Our customers have saved millions of dollars in labeling costs by using Watchful and have unlocked millions of dollars of value from their unstructured text. We can’t wait to bring this same trust and confidence to everyone.

Today - we reached a new milestone in the evolution of Watchful, offering our first free version, Community Edition (CE), available for all! We want the academic, research, and citizen Data Science communities to have access to the same techniques that are employed by some of the most sophisticated data science teams.

We believe that one of the most critical components to delivering meaningful data-centric AI solutions is better interfaces between humans and machines. Only then will we be able to effectively develop, scale, and ultimately trust the output of any AI system.

What is Watchful Community Edition (CE)?

Watchful Community Edition (CE) is a free tool for data scientists, researchers, and analysts to programmatically explore, label, and validate training data without an army of humans and thousands of person-hours. It is a lighter version of our enterprise data platform, released under a Community/Non-Commercial License.

What do you get?

  • The world’s fastest and most powerful platform for exploring and labeling unstructured text programmatically
  • Docker image that runs wherever you do
  • 5MB upload limit per dataset
  • Unlimited Rows In and Out + Projects
  • Fully Functioning API access with the Watchful SDK
  • Support via the Watchful Community Slack
  • Community/Non-Commercial License for a single user

What can you do?

  • Text Classification
  • Fine-tune language models like GPT3 and BERT
  • Rapidly prototype new models
  • Exploratory Data and Concept Analysis
  • QA manual annotations and/or existing labels for errors
  • Clean and normalize messy data
  • Taxonomy development
  • Enrich your data with meaningful metadata (e.g spaCy POS tags), explore visually within Watchful, and leverage this metadata to distill powerful and complex heuristics

Why upgrade?

  • Collaborate with teammates
  • Span Labeling/Named Entity Recognition
  • Watchful Co-Pilot - automated heuristics-from-labels
  • Unrestricted dataset size
  • Dedicated Customer Success and personalized support
  • Use Watchful for commercial purposes other than evaluation/POC for a commercial license

If you are interested in the commercial version of Watchful, reach out to sales@watchful.io! or contact us here.

Academic institution or Non-Profit? We offer significant discounts! Save your grad students sanity one labeling task at a time 🙂

Join the *Mob Today!

Getting started with Watchful Community Edition (CE) is easy. The first step is to sign up for a free account AT THIS LINK. Simply register and you will receive a link to download your Watchful CE image to start using Watchful today!

Make sure to join our Slack Community for updates, advice, and support!

*PS - A group of Meerkats is known as a mob 🙂

John Singleton
John Singleton

John Singleton is the co-founder and Head of Success at Watchful. In addition, he is the host of the AI podcast, Grounded Truth.