Watchful Launches Gen AI Open-Source Tools, Pioneering Transparency for Large Language Models (LLMs)

Nov 9, 2023

San Francisco, CA - November 9, 2023

Watchful, a distinguished leader in the AI data labeling and observability sector, proudly introduces its cutting-edge Gen AI open-source tools specifically engineered to empower organizations with vital transparency in the rapidly expanding realm of Large Language Models (LLMs). In a landscape where AI applications and generative models are reshaping industries, Watchful is taking proactive steps to address concerns regarding ethics, compliance, and transparency in AI.

The Surge of Generative AI and the Imperative of Transparency

The AI landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, leaving organizations grappling with associated risks. Generative AI applications, driven by models similar to those behind ChatGPT, have gained substantial traction across diverse industries. While these AI models offer revolutionary interactions with technology and data, they also present fresh challenges related to transparency, accountability, and ethical application. A global concern has arisen, encompassing issues such as privacy, security, ethics, and the responsible use of AI. Governments worldwide are responding with stringent regulations and compliance measures for AI technology. 

The Challenge of LLM Black Boxes

Large Language Models (LLMs) have accelerated AI adoption, yet their inherent complexity leaves them as black boxes. Traditional metrics like accuracy, precision, and recall fall short in the era of Gen AI, where non-deterministic algorithms generate nuanced responses. This underscores the paramount importance of observability and explainability.

Watchful's Gen AI open-source tools empower users to ensure AI models deliver their desired outcomes while aligning with ethical and compliance standards.

Watchful’s open-source tools currently feature two essential components:

  • Token Importance Estimation: This tool provides AI developers with estimates of token importance within prompts using advanced text embeddings.

  • Model Uncertainty Scoring: Evaluates the uncertainty of LLM responses, encompassing conceptual and structural uncertainty. Conceptual uncertainty measures the model's confidence in what to say, while structural uncertainty assesses how sure the model is about how to say it.

"The unveiling of our Gen AI Open-Source Tools and research is just the beginning of our contributions to the space.” said Shayan Mohanty, co-founder and CEO at Watchful, “We see a bright future ahead where interpretability and observability are at the heart of every AI workflow. This is just a first step in that direction.” With the launch of the Gen AI Open-Source Tools, Watchful is at the forefront of guiding organizations through the evolving AI landscape, ensuring transparency, accountability, and responsible AI usage."

For more information about Watchful's Gen AI Open-Source Tools and their pivotal role in shaping the future of AI observability and transparency, please visit www.watchful.io.

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Watchful is a leading provider of AI observability and transparency solutions that accelerate the adoption of AI, NLP, and Large Language Models (LLMs). Our Machine Teaching Solution for Data-Centric AI empowers data scientists, machine learning practitioners, subject matter experts, and others to holistically explore, classify, annotate, and validate unique datasets to fuel today's AI initiatives and business processes.

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