Expertise as Heuristics

Turn calories into compute. Programmatically label data sets by writing heuristic functions called "hinters"

Heuristic Suggestion

Watchful learns from your data and actions, and suggests new hinters to try based on its understanding of your task

Probabilistic labels

The output of Watchful is a rich, confidence-weighted training data set that works with any modern machine learning framework Platform Overview

A workflow designed for productivity

We built Watchful because taking models from prototype to production is painful. Exploring data, injecting domain expertise, and building high quality training sets shouldn’t be something data scientists dread.

Human In the Loop

Human in the loop

Fun & Fast

Fun & Fast

Continuous Workflow

Continuous Labeling

Multiplatform Logos

On-Premise Deployment

Built to handle sensitive data in sensitive environments. Tackle projects that were deemed impossible due to regulatory and compliance issues in acquiring the data

Laptop to cloud and everything in between

Software that will run and scale to meet your needs

Multiplatform (MacOS/Windows/Linux)

Consistent execution regardless of the environment

Expertise as functions, intuition as weights

Fight bias in modeling pipelines by injecting domain expertise programmatically. If you discover issues or drift, simply edit functions instead of relabeling by hand.

Rich query language for exploration

Investigate fuzzy boundaries between classes, find high-confidence examples, and sift through your data quickly by using our comprehensive query interface.

Explanations At a Glance

Immediately understand what’s working and what isn’t by using Watchful’s interactive charts.

Overview of the Platform Functionality
Learn how Watchful can help your ML teams be more agile