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Data Scientist Using Platform
Be fast. Be independent. Rapidly iterate on new ideas to ship better models, faster without painful hand labeling or relying on an outside service to develop your training data sets. Have an idea at breakfast - train your first model by lunchtime.

Iterative, feedback-driven workflow let’s you know when you are “done” labeling

Engaging and rewarding workflow that gives users a sense of direction and progress towards labeling goal

Integrates with ETL tooling to automatically generate training sets on a schedule

Drastically increase team productivity, build agility and explainability into your model pipelines and help drive the Machine Learning Transformation at your organization with Watchful. Build pipelines that are flexible, easy to maintain, and provide immediate impact into your business.

Remove the data labeling bottleneck and accelerate ML adoption in your organization

Rapidly refresh models in production and respond to change in your environments

Empower your team to rapidly prototype, test, and develop without painful labeling efforts

Data Scientists Using the Platform
Watchful provides an intuitive, powerful, and dare we say fun, interface to allow subject-matter experts to rapidly distill their knowledge with active-learning and give immediate feedback on the quality of the labels that they and their teams produce.

Turn calories into compute with a radically efficient way to distill and scale domain expertise

Fun and engaging workflow that drives users to a labeling score instead of some (often arbitrary) number of labeled samples

Active learning workflow learns from user actions and inputs to suggest the most impactful heuristics

Expert Using Platform

Business Impact

Accelerate your machine learning projects by removing the labeling bottleneck


The world changes, quickly. Watchful’s programmatic labeling interface enables organizations to rapidly deploy new models in production by automating the labeling process and removing human-produced labels from the critical path. Generate new labels as a part of an existing ETL pipeline and/or update existing datasets by simply developing heuristics.


With more regulatory and compliance pressure to produce explainable models, developing observability and explainability into the training sets that fuel machine learning models has become a requirement. Watchful makes this easy with inherently observable and explainable statistical techniques that make explainability a priority


Drastically increase your Data Scientists productivity with an engaging, metrics-driven workflow that puts Data Scientists in the driver seat to build their own training data sets in hours or days instead of weeks or months. Rapidly prototype and test new ideas to build a business case while simultaneously improving the performance and longevity of your models in production

AI Transformation

Bring transformative, impactful AI applications to more areas of your business by removing one of the biggest bottlenecks, the data. Tackle more complex and otherwise impossible projects to accelerate your AI transformation today.

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