Solutions by Industry


Electronic Medical Record (EMR) extraction and classification

Physician Triage

Scientific Literature Intelligence and Processing


Product Cataloging

Fraud & Spam Detection

Recommendation Systems


Fraud Detection

Anti-money Laundering

Contract & Document Intelligence


Robocall Detection

Network Traffic Classification

Customer Churn Prediction


Threat Intelligence

Spam Classification

Bad-actor Identification

Use Cases


Whether your data is unstructured, structured, semi-structured or even multi-modal, Watchful provides a rich and expressive toolset to solve your business needs

Multi-field Full Text Classification

Single class, Multi-Class or Multi-Label

Balanced or imbalanced datasets

Information Extraction

Extract and classify named entities and/or events from text and documents to rapidly process large volumes of structured or unstructured text

Named-Entity and Event Recognition (NER)

Knowledge management and discovery

Document and Contract Intelligence

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