We are excited to announce our first financing: $2 million led by Maarten ’t Hooft @ Quest Venture Partners with John Frankel @ FF VC, Semil Shah @ Haystack Fund, Itamar Novick @ Recursive Ventures, Francis Leung, Simon Crosby, and Greg Martin.We are thrilled to partner with such a great group of investors

We are thrilled to partner with such a great group of investors who strongly believe in our vision and support our path to execution. Watchful started as a side project, discussed over drinks with friends and lofty ideas. It has evolved into $2M in capital raised, 7 employees, and creating value at some of the world’s largest data-driven organizations.

This is only the beginning of the journey, but we are so lucky to be surrounded by such great people. Thank you so much to all the Watchful friends and family who have supported us through both good times and bad. We would be nowhere without your time, effort, and energy. Seriously, thank you.

What is Watchful?

Watchful’s first product is a platform for real-time filtering, tagging, and routing of data at scale. We enable engineers, analysts, and admins to take control of their data, in-flight, to make sure that the right data goes to the right places with the right context.

Example Data Sources/Sinks in a Stream - Filter - Drain Pipeline

“IDC’s The Digital Universe study projects that the total amount of data created and copied annually was 4.4 zettabytes (1010, or 4.4 billion 1TB disk drives) at the end of 2013 and will grow by a factor of 10 by 2020.”

Data is growing at an exponential rate while compute, at least according to Moore’s Law, is growing linearly. We are capitalizing on this opportunity. Watchful gives modern, data-driven organizations the tools to efficiently handle both the volume and the variety of data without spending a fortune on infrastructure and engineering resources.

This explosion in data means that indexing everything is no longer a feasible strategy at scale. The cost of noise is simply too high. Watchful separates signal from the noise using high-performance pattern matching on commodity server hardware.

Watchful: A Simple but Powerful Toolkit



  • Granular control on what data goes where, based on patterns in the content
  • Reduce noise to downstream systems by filtering out noisy data pre-index
  • Massively reduce infrastructure, license costs, and query times for downstream tools (SIEM, kafka, kinesis, data warehouse, application, etc)


  • Contextualize and label data at ingest
  • Automate tagging, and classifying workflows
  • De-risk data at ingest through tagging, masking, and obfuscating PI elements pre-index


  • Ingest data from any source and deliver it to wherever it is needed most, in real-time
  • Easy, flexible, and programmatic data migration pathways declarable at runtime
  • Use Watchful as a flexible routing layer between data producers and consumers

Use Cases

In the coming weeks we will dive into more detail into how Watchful can be used, but here is a short list of use cases:

  • Log Pre-processing
    • Reduce noise in tools like Splunk, ELK, Logstash, QRadar, Arcsite etc
    • Massively reduce TCO and query times
    • Event orchestration and alerting
    • Introduce high volume/low signal data sources (DNS/DHCP logs, firewall logs, etc)
  • GDPR Compliance
    • Identify and tag PII and risky data-in-flight before hitting any downstream index
    • Automatically de-risk data at ingest
  • Data Protection
    • Prevent sensitive information from exfiltrating your organization
    • Detect proprietary code, API keys, secrets, and more at push-time
  • Monolith Disaggregation
    • Easily break apart monolithic applications into microservices

Interested in Learning More?

We would love to talk to you more about how Watchful can help you take control of you data-in-flight… feel free to reach out to john@watchful.io. Looking forward to talking soon!