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Hero Confetti Mobile

Computers have become ubiquitous in almost every facet of our lives. At work, desk jockeys spend hours in front of their desktops, while delivery people scan bar codes with handhelds and workers in the field stay in touch with the central office via their notebooks. At home, we rely on our desktops and notebooks to do our shopping, to entertain us, and to keep us abreast of world events. We may not see our email servers, but we count on them to deliver our email whenever and wherever we want it…

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We are excited to announce our first financing: $2 million led by Maarten 't Hooft @ Quest Venture Partners with John Frankel @ FF VC, Semil Shah @ Haystack Fund, Itamar Novick @ Recursive Ventures, Francis Leung, Simon Crosby, and Greg Martin.…

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